Tyer: Buster Wolfe & Photograph: Elmer G. Meiler

Verduin's Catalpa Worm

Pattern Developed by: Mike Verduin

Hook: 4XL streamer (Mustad 79580).
Thread: Black 6/0.
Tail: Black goose biot.
Underbody: Lead wire and fly foam.
Body: Woven black and chartreuse vernille.
Hackle: White or cream, palmered.
Head: Black squirrel dubbing.

Tying Instructions
1. Tie in the goose biot tail and the end of the shank.
2. Tie in lead strips, one on top of the length of the shank, one underneath. Flatten the lead vertically to provide a slim profile.
3. Tie in a strip (1/2-inch by 3 inches) of open-cell foam at the biot tie-in point and wrap the length and back to build up the underbody; tie off and cut excess.
4. Tie in a piece of vernille on each side near the bend of the hook.
5. Weave the vernille by tying an overhand (or granny) knot with the chartreuse in front of the black vernille, but push the hook shank through the knot, placing the black vernille on top of the hook. Tighten the knot.
6. After the first knot, lay the hackle on top of the hook tip-first, and then continue tying knots with the vernille until the foam is covered, cinching in the feather. Re-attach the thread and tie down the vernille, cutting the excess.
7. Palmer the hackle around the body, try to position the feather in the center of the black diamond created by the vernille and tie off.
8. Dub the head with black squirrel, whip-finish and cement

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